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Nothing to do with business or lending: Flat Stanley gets around

Flat Stanley is a paper puppet created by school children around the U.S…maybe internationally! The children send him out to family and friends and their goal is to get pictures and stories back from their relatives about where Flat Stanley has traveled.

Flat Stanley is a farmer

I was reminded of Flat Stanley by a tweet from Farmer, Agricultural expert and Speaker Jolene Brown who speaks to ag audiences around the world. Her tweet led me to #agchat on twitter and to a post Snow & Farm Equipment in Moorhead, Minnesota: A Flat Stanley Adventure Here is Flat Stanley helping out on the farm.

Flat Stanley is a pilot, too!


Flat Stanley helped out on an Alaska Airlines flight. The pilot appreciated his expertise and the flight went off without a hitch!

How about your kids?

Where has Flat Stanley been in your life?

2 Responses

  1. The post you have of Flat Stanley working on a combine is part of the series of posts that had our Flat Stanley touring cities and rural areas both. Here in Memphis, he went to Sun Studio, the Peabody Hotel & more but he’s also bee on cattle ranches and other places seemingly in the middle of nowhere. You can catch up on his adventures here

  2. Hey, Janice. I enjoyed all of those pictures in your series.

    My nieces Flat Stanley had the opportunity to attend a conference with the National Speakers Association and ride a Harley.

    I have been wondering why I have never heard of Flat Susan. Maybe she is out there, too.