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Credit Risk Ready podcast

CRE Triage as we Dip into the Recession | Podcast

Some commercial real estate deals can be saved as we enter the recession caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. Some deals cannot be saved. What questions should lending and credit...
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PPP Loans: 4 approaches, 4 different loan amounts

{Updated 4/10/2020 for information on seasonal workers, banker reliance on borrower documents, self-employed borrowers (filing 1040 C or F) and payroll caps per employee.} {NOTE: I will not...
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Coronavirus: How the 2020 delayed 1040 due date will impact bankers

As I write this, the IRS has agreed to a delay filing of the 1040 tax return and payment of  tax payments due on April 15th 2020 to July 15th 2020. This is relief due to the Coronavirus Pandemic....
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PI or PITI Confusion…

Mandi’s question: I recently purchased your Essentials 1040 Review and Beyond the Basics Manual. I have a question regarding the taxes and insurance shown on line 16 of the Schedule E My...
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Is your borrower’s business a hobby?

You may wonder why you should care if an individual, either your borrower or the guarantor of the business borrower, is playing a little fast and loose with the ‘hobby’ rules. I...
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What Credit Analysts need to know about CAMELS

I just read a great article entitled “The CAMELS Rating: How to Get Over the Hump” by Roger Shumway, executive vice president and chief credit officer at the Bank of Utah. As a reader...
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Non-obligated entities. Is the K-1 enough?

Sean’s question: I have a personal guarantor to my main borrowing entity. That guarantor also has ownership stake in 6 other partnerships/s-corps. To look at the global cash flow of my...
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Ready for recession?

Increasing credit risk in banking as economy hums along

How do bankers plan to maintain credit risk readiness in a good economy but with trouble on the way?
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Schedule B Interest: Pass-through or Cash Flow?

Patrick’s question: In your manual, Tax Return Analysis: Fundamentals and 1040, you state that interest from a partnership or S corporation can represent payments on a loan made to the...
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