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Cash Flow

How should I treat owner loans to the company?

Jake asks:

If a partner in a company makes a personal loan to the company and receives interest when repaid on that loan (on 1040 Schedule B), is that cash flow?...
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Capital Gains in Cash Flow Analysis

Long-term vs Short-Term Capital Gains in Cash Flow

Gena asks:

How do you view long term capital gains versus short term capital gains in cash flow? I've seen it where some people include only the gain on the...

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Banker Review of 1040 Tax Return

Multiple 1040s For The Same Year?

Declan asks:

Why would a married couple filing together file 3 different 1040s in one year?

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Business Loan Financial analysis

Should You Include Non-Operating Income in EBITDA?

David asks:

Should EBITDA include non-operating income and expenses or not? I have received conflicting information regarding this.

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When is it okay for distributions to exceed cashflow?

Brad asks:

When I am calculating global cash flow and a partnership has a larger cash distribution than cash flow (EBITDA) for the year, what type of...

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Tax Return Analysis

Alimony: Does Source of Payment Matter?

Michael asks:

I have a self employed borrower who paid alimony with company funds. Expenses paid through the business would normally not count against his...

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When K-1 Interest Income is NOT Pass-Thru

Nick asks:

If we have non-pass-through interest income from a K-1, do we give the individual credit for this as if it were cash flow?

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Going Concern: Collateral or not?

Jim asks:

A lender is proposing to use 'going concern' as the collateral for a business loan. My take is that going concern would already be badly damaged if...

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Are K-1 S-Corp Wages cash flow?

Calvin asks:

I'm working with an S Corporation that reports a significant value on their Schedule K (line 12d) labeled as Qualified Production Activity and...
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