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Global Analysis or Project Analysis? Which should I use?

Barbara asks:

What’s your opinion on the concept of underwriting with K-1s versus full returns on affiliated entities?

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Two reasons tax return revenue might fool you

Fred asks:

In the supporting statement for a Schedule C, I found a line labeled "Nominee Distribution to XYZ Partners, Inc". What is this?

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Where are the Missing K-1s?

Alisha asks:

I have a customer who has multiple K-1’s listed on his tax return. He did not have a single one attached to his return so I asked for all of...

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Lending to Complex Borrowers

How noncash carryover losses DO impact cash flow

Carryovers are non-cash in the year you spot them. That is true for Net Operating Loss carryovers, but also capital loss carryovers and passive loss carryovers. Let me run through a few quick...
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Avoid skewed cash flow from disallowed losses

Jacqueline's question:

On the 1040 Schedule E Page One, why on some of the rentals are there two loss figures, Line 21 and Line 22? Sometimes the loss on...

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CapEx and DCR: Missing something?

David's question:

What is the best rule of thumb for Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and how it reduces cash flow? When I use the UCA statement to get the debt...

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Confusion on add-backs for NOLs and other non-cash items

Ray’s question:

I learned to add back Net Operating Losses listed on 1040, Page One, Line 21 because they are non-cash. I just moved to a new bank and they say...
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Lending to Complex Borrowers

Bankers TOP 10 take-aways from tax return analysis training

I had asked them to write, on the back of the evaluation, the top three things they learned from the training that will help them make good loan decisions, spot red flags or better understand...
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What to do about inventory write-downs?

Amanda’s question:

I am looking at four years of company-prepared financial statements that report an adjustment to inventory each year. The amounts are...
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