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Stated Income: Out of the Fat into the Fire

In my August 13th post, I defended 'stated income' as a legitimate tool in making a loan. In...
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Wells Fargo’s Happy-to-Grumpy ratio…the ‘new’ analysis tool?

No, 'happy-to-grumpy' is not taking its place next to current ratio and debt to equity. It...

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So how much income do I need to qualify?

Since by now you know I would not cheat or lie, why would I use stated income? After all, no...

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Lies, lies, and more lies. What to do if they are lying on their tax return.

Interesting question...and one I cannot answer definitively here. Check with your...

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Truth or Lies…when the tax return really does not tell the story.

"Here is my tax return but let me tell you what I really...

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