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Red Flags or Green Lights: Clear up the confusion
20-page Resource for Lending Professionals
It is easy to misinterpret information in borrower tax returns. The consequences are serious, though, when you approve a bad loan or turn down a good one. Request your free checklist to clear up the confusion!
Red Flags or Green Lights: Crossed Signals?

Red flags are not necessarily deal-killers!

They should get your attention so you can make a better loan decision. Perhaps there is a good explanation for what appears to be a problem. Make sure you can
          • Ask the right questions
          • Understand the circumstances
          • Make the right loan decision

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This list of red flags was extracted out of the pages of our two 200+ page manuals:
Tax Return Analysis: Fundamentals and 1040 Review
Business Tax Returns: Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs
In just 20 pages, you’ll receive guidance on what red flags to spot and when they might be a green light, instead.

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