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Lender’s Reasonableness Test: 389 Miles to East

These last two days I have had as much fun as is fair to have while working with 17 lenders to...
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Step 6: Consider leaving out income you don't need

My last category of adjustments to get from taxable income to recurring cashflow is really just...
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Step 5: Leave out Nonrecurring Income/Expenses

If you are going for HISTORICAL cashflow, you'll include in your numbers nonrecurring income...
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3 More Steps from Taxable Income to Cashflow: NEW

In previous posts I covered the three N's that get us from taxable income to HISTORICAL...
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6 Steps from Taxable Income to Cashflow: Noncash

Think back to the first time you got coaching on what to pull from a tax return. I'll bet...
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Understanding the Economic Forces: Another lesson from kayaking

In 'Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine'
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Nondeductible Expense: #2 in the list of 6

Tax return analysis gets us from taxable income (on any return) to cashflow. There are Six Ns...
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Pass-through Section 1231 income?

Your question:

I am working on a loan the business is a farm (berries). I...

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