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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Capital Gains: Using the portfolio as potential cashflow

What about a track record

To count capital gains activity for recurring cashflow many, if not most, financial institutions will want to see a track record. But not all.

A lesson learned from lenders to High Net Worth/High Income Clients

What if your borrower has a million-dollar portfolio? Does it really matter that s/he has not tapped it in the last few years? In fact, is it a plus that during the recession s/he did not have to tap it?

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Do I include Foreign Source Income in Tax Return Cash Flow?

Your question:

We have a prospect for a loan that we will broker. Per the lender, this couple live in another country, both work for foreign companies and both receive wages
from these various foreign companies. The borrower provided Form 1116 that shows gross income from all sources of $96K in 2009 and $299K in 2010. Should we be giving the
borrower credit for this foreign income earned?

Linda says:

Just because the $299K is listed on the Form 1116 does not mean it is foreign source income. Here is how it works.

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