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Pass-Through from a K-1: Count Qualified Dividends?

Amy’s question: If a 1065 K-1 reports qualified dividends paid to an individual partner...
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Do I use OBI or NIPB in Global Cash Flow?

Jennifer’s question: Hi Linda, I had my first conflict on Operating Business Income (OBI)...
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PPP Loans: 4 approaches, 4 different loan amounts

{Updated 4/10/2020 for information on seasonal workers, banker reliance on borrower documents,...
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Coronavirus: How the 2020 delayed 1040 due date will impact bankers

As I write this, the IRS has agreed to a delay filing of the 1040 tax return and payment of ...
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PI or PITI Confusion…

Mandi’s question: I recently purchased your Essentials 1040 Review and Beyond the Basics...
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Is your borrower’s business a hobby?

You may wonder why you should care if an individual, either your borrower or the guarantor of...
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What Credit Analysts need to know about CAMELS

I just read a great article entitled “The CAMELS Rating: How to Get Over the Hump”...
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Ready for recession?

Increasing credit risk in banking as economy hums along

How do bankers plan to maintain credit risk readiness in a good economy but with trouble on the way?
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