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Tonya Cristal Loan Assistant, North Cascades Bank

It's a 10!

I rated the virtual training a 10! The course was full of information that was very valuable, easy to follow and right on target for my needs. Thank you for this learning experience!

Caryl Hallen Credit Analyst, San Jose National Bank

Made so much fall into place

After a year of working as a credit analyst, this class made so much fall into place. It will make my work much easier, understandable and accurate.

David De Santiago Business Development Officer, Western State Bank

Makes you appreciate underwriters

Will make me a better Business Development Officer by understanding credit deals. Makes you appreciate underwriters more.

Oyvind Kleven Credit Analyst, Viking Bank

This is the best

This is the best class on cashflow I've ever taken.

Terri Whitney Banking Officer, First Bank of Arapaho County

One of the best of the best classes I have attended on underwriting using the tax return.

Michele Tegner RE Loan Officer, OSU FCU

Can't wait to get back

Can't wait to get back to work to try it out!

Rebecca Williamson Loan Support Specialist, Pierce Commercial Bank

Great stepping stone

The manual, notes and case studies were very helpful. The class was a great stepping stone for new and experienced lenders.

Andrew Hock VP Credit Administration, Foothill Independent Bank

Build a foundation

Good presentation to build a foundation of knowledge and skills.

Grant Christy Credit Analyst, Columbia River Bank

Applicable to the lending business

You brought everything together and made it applicable to the lending business.

Annette Gustafson Underwriter, Luther Burbank Savings

I liked the red flags

The extraction of usable cashflow from partnership and corporate tax returns will be very useful in my day-to-day operation as a credit officer. I also liked the red flags, compensating factors and digging for dollars.

Charles Bryson VP Special Assets, Hawthorne Savings

The most practical course I have seen

I have taken several tax analysis seminars and this was the most in depth and practical course I have seen.

James Barron VP Indirect Lending, Bank of the West

Practical use of numbers, not theory

Practical use of numbers and not theory. Relevant to our business and understanding what the numbers mean.

Pamela Maples Loan Administrator, Union Safe Deposit Bank

I wish I had come sooner

I think all managers and loan originators should take this course. I wish I had come sooner.

Jeremy Banner Lender, Cashmere Valley Bank

I know the questions to ask

I now know the questions to ask, and how to find the answers.

Kitty Ertman Loan Processor, Timberland Bank

I feel confident

I feel confident in analyzing tax returns now.

Jolene Bryant Loan Officer, Olympia CU

Never a dull moment!

I never got bored! What a great presenter!

Eric Jones Banking Officer, First Bank

Layers of difficulty

The course had layers of difficulty allowing for basic information and more advanced.