Lending to Business

Is this business credit-worthy? Unless you have GAAP financials prepared by a reliable source, you need to be able to assess the health of the business and determine cashflow available to pay debt from analysis of the tax returns.

Less experienced lenders will build the foundation for analysis. Seasoned lenders will fill in the gaps and improve their ability to mentor junior lenders.

  •  Pull qualifying income and spot red flags
  •  Understand the business and have more meaningful conversations
  •  Decide on this loan and uncover more opportunities
  •  Explain your thinking and document the file

Why Linda Keith?

Linda is a business owner, married to a business owner. During her years in public accounting she advised businesses, and prepared their tax returns and financial statements. She knows business inside-out.

  •  She has worked with thousands of lenders at hundreds of financial institutions for over 20 years.
  •  As a Certified Public Accountant, she has a practical understanding of the story behind the numbers.
  •  As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) she can actually explain what she understands.
  •  A 20+ year commercial borrower in construction, she understands how business borrowers think.
  •  She stayed with the same bank and knows how your bank can create 'sticky' customers.
  •  As a former Examiner with the Washington State Auditors Office, Linda knows how regulators think.

How may we help you?

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