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Emails come out whenever we publish a new Credit Risk Ready Podcast episode or a Lender's Q&A answer to a question asked by a credit professional during the month, either by email or in our classes.

Credit Risk Ready Podcast

Linda interviews senior lending and credit professionals in community banks and credit unions, their regulators and banking advisors to improve your credit risk readiness, whether you are in leadership, in management or on the front lines. A new episode is published each week.

Lender's Q&A

This blog is the most comprehensive source of practical, specific answers from lending and credit professionals across the United States. With over 100 answers, and from such a source trusted by bank leaders and regulators, this is the first place to come for your specific answers.

Blog posts are added whenever Linda has good questions to answer. Linda considers this the 'drip' method of tax return analysis training, at no charge. Common questions cover:

  • How tax law changes impact your business borrowers
  • K-1s and Pass-Thru Entities
  • Conflicts between financial statements and tax returns
  • Differences in types of lending
  • Unusual entries that do not make sense
  • Verifying word-of-mouth tips from elsewhere to see if they are valid

I learn something new every time

I’m a big fan of your newsletter because I learn something new and sharpen my knowledge every time it hits my Inbox! Thank you!

Ryan Sheridan VP Business Banking, BankIowa

Explains it in a way even a novice can understand

Your newsletter and mini-classes – they are GREAT!

They act as refreshers for me, but I also pass them along to our lenders and other small business banking folks.

They learn that when I tell them I need a K-1 (for example), they know I didn’t make it up. It helps me teach them the “why”.

Linda, you make the subject make sense and explain it in a way that even a novice can understand.

Carl DiMaria Loan Solution Specialist, Mazuma Credit Union

Helps me better perform my job as a credit analyst

'Ask Linda' provides valuable information that helps me better perform my job as a credit analyst. Anytime I have emailed Linda with a question, particularly regarding a tax return, she has always been quick to respond and very informative. The best part about it, her Q&A is free! I also learn a lot visiting her website and reading her conversations with others.

Gena Ester AVP, Senior Credit Analyst, Centennial Bank