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We receive questions from lenders and analysts throughout the month, often from folks in our classes but also from people who find us when searching for answers online. Once or twice a month we choose one to post on our 'Ask the Expert' blog and to push out to our subscribers.

Ask the Experts

This blog is the most comprehensive source of practical, specific answers to questions from lending and credit professionals across the United States. With over 100 answers, and from a source trusted by bank leaders and regulators, this is the first place to come for your specific answers.

Blog posts are added whenever our experts have good questions to answer. We consider this the 'drip' method of tax return analysis training, at no charge. Common questions cover:

  • How tax law changes impact your business borrowers
  • K-1s and Pass-Thru Entities
  • Conflicts between financial statements and tax returns
  • Differences in types of lending
  • Unusual entries that do not make sense
  • Verifying word-of-mouth tips from elsewhere to see if they are valid

The subject line is the question so it is easy to read it when it is helpful and skip one if it does not apply to your type of lending. And it is easy to opt-out, of course.

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