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The ‘Ask Linda’ monthly email includes an answer to a question asked by a credit professional during the month, either by email or in our classes.

  • How tax law changes impact your business borrowers
  • K-1s and Pass-Thru Entities
  • Conflicts between financial statements and tax returns
  • Differences in types of lending
  • Unusual entries that do not make sense
  • Verifying word-of-mouth tips from elsewhere to see if they are valid

Explains it in a way even a novice can understand

Your newsletter and mini-classes – they are GREAT!

They act as refreshers for me, but I also pass them along to our lenders and other small business banking folks.

They learn that when I tell them I need a K-1 (for example), they know I didn’t make it up. It helps me teach them the “why”.

Linda, you make the subject make sense and explain it in a way that even a novice can understand.

Carl DiMaria Loan Solution Specialist, Mazuma Credit Union

Helps me better perform my job as a credit analyst

'Ask Linda' provides valuable information that helps me better perform my job as a credit analyst. Anytime I have emailed Linda with a question, particularly regarding a tax return, she has always been quick to respond and very informative. The best part about it, her Q&A is free! I also learn a lot visiting her website and reading her conversations with others.

Gena Ester AVP, Senior Credit Analyst, Centennial Bank

I learn something new every time

I’m a big fan of your newsletter because I learn something new and sharpen my knowledge every time it hits my Inbox! Thank you!

Ryan Sheridan VP Business Banking, BankIowa