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Linda Keith CPA

What about Linda?

  • Fun and funny

    Let's face it. CPAs talking about business topics are not known for their outstanding speaking skills. Tax return analysis and financial statement analysis training can be boring if in the wrong hands. Even a 45 minute conference presentation can put you to sleep if there is nothing funny about it. People listen and learn better when they are having fun.

    Linda brings Legos™ to her training and everyone gets to play. She is probably the only person on the planet who has perfected a Lego™ model of a tax return.

    When she presents the program A Kayaker's Guide to Risk Management, she wears her Maraschino Red Paddle Jacket. She zips it up, puts on the paddling gloves and grabs the paddle...and the audience is right with her as they think about the risks they face in banking. Upside down, under water, in the dark -- then the set-up for their successful recovery. They even learn a few paddle strokes!

  • Practical background

    Sometimes CPAs know a lot about tax returns and financial statements but not what lenders and business owners need to know. Linda has the background in public accounting you would expect of a CPA but it doesn't stop there.

    Linda was the CFO of her husband's residential construction business for 20 years. Talk about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Linda's business knowledge is practical and learned in-the-trenches.

    The Keith's are residential real estate investors. She is a commercial and mortgage borrower many, many times over. And with complicated tax returns that include two businesses, many rentals and capital gains she put her lenders through their paces.

    As the second woman ever hired as an Examiner by the Washington State Auditor's Office, she understands government regulators because she has been in their shoes.

    An active volunteer in the public schools, Linda was voted parent of the year of Capital High School in 2000. As a volunteer, she taught hi-capability math in 5th grade and was the parent coach of the Math Olympiad team. And she continues to teach 'Junior Achievement' classes to elementary school students every year.

  • Accomplished presenter

    It is probably not fair that CPAs have a reputation as less than dynamic. But even the dynamic ones aren't necessarily great presenters.

    Linda earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association...the speaking/training equivalent of the CPA in accounting.

    When you read the testimonials throughout the site, you'll see beyond a shadow of a doubt that Linda is good at what she does.

  • Flexible

    In lender training, Linda's Excel-based eWorksheet is used by many companies to analyze tax returns. When she does onsite training, however, she can train to her worksheets or whatever worksheet/software you are using... as long as they work. She'll take a look and give you feedback before the training.

    She has trained to everything from Buker's TaxAnalysis™ to the internally-created systems of Northwest Farm Credit Services and First Bank in Denver.

    Conference presentations are customized to the challenges your audience actually face...from work setbacks to lending guidelines in a changing environment.

  • Continuing resource

    Linda's students and clients continue to contact her by email and by phone when they run into a challenge. And she continues to help. People are surprised by this. Pleasantly so.

Who hires Linda?

The companies on our client list include:

  • Associations who have hired us for conference presentations
  • Banks, credit unions and mortgage companies who have
    • hired us for a review of their credit analysis guidelines and to train their lenders in financial statement and tax return analysis
    • sent lenders to our open-enrollment and local training programs
    • enrolled participants in our online lender training

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What our clients say


Bulletproof with regulators

I just finished the audit with our federal and state regulators. They asked how we are handling global analysis of tax returns and I broke out the manual I got from Linda 14 years ago. It still holds up today as bulletproof for letting the examiners know we know what we are doing.

I still reference the book after all these years and am confident the training she is doing for us today will help my team as well.

Rob Farrington Senior VP Com'l RE, American First CU

An understanding of 'Why'

Phenomenally helpful seminar. I have an understanding of 'why' underwriting is done the way it is. Thank you!

Bryce Anderson Credit Analyst, Borel Private Bank & Trust

Keeps learners motivated

Linda does a great job of keeping people motivated and interjecting personal stories right into the training. She's got the goods!

Bill Beardsley President, Michigan Business Connection CUSO