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Do you prefer the flexibility of online training?

  • Choose your own pace
  • Learn from anywhere and on any platform
  • Fit training into your busy schedule
  • Keep your pipeline moving while you learn
  • Train a geographically dispersed team
  • Provide consistent onboard training for new hires

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Why clients like this format

CrossFirst Bank in Kansas sent a team to the Linda Keith CPA Virtual Training on Tax Return Analysis. Kevin shares his impressions of the training and their results.

Andrew attended Lenders Online Training as his first exposure to 'formal' tax return analysis training. It was engaging enough to keep Andrew engaged.

What our clients say


We'll be sending more people

I received very good feedback from my team. Our bank is in a growth mode of acquisitions, so we will be sending analysts to your training in years to come. Thanks for the great job.

David Buman SVP of AgFinance, Treynor State Bank

Easy to follow

The modules are easy to follow and the manuals are helpful in policy examinations!

Petr Rossiytsev Credit Analyst, Pueblo Bank & Trust

Answers to 'Why' questions.

Very thorough explanations and answers to 'why' questions. Much better understanding of where numbers come from.

Jacob Moegle Loan Officer, Greenstone Farm Credit

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