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Tax Return Analysis

Do I use self-employment earnings from the 1065 K-1?

Bill asks:

On the managing member’s 1065 Schedule K-1 for an LLC, Box 14 “Self-employment earnings (loss)” is $9,862,741 with a code letter of “C”. Is this actual cash flow to the managing member or should I just ignore it.

Linda says:

Ignore it. It is typically the combination of Line 1 Ordinary Income plus Line 4 Guaranteed Payments if the partner is active in the business, rather than an investor.

What to use instead

The cashflow from a 1065 K-1 is withdrawals/ distributions plus guaranteed payments less capital contributed.

Mortgage lenders using FannieMae or similar rules have a different calculation.

Do I have to count capital contributions against the owner/guarantor’s cash flow?

We sometimes do not count capital contributions against cash flow if it is clearly one-time. This might be the case of the LLC members all put money in to make a significant capital purchase or pay down debt.

You would need the full return with a Schedule L Balance Sheet to spot that. But if you have three year’s k-1s and there is capital contributed in only one of the three that might be your clue to look closer.

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