ALLL Triple Play: Methodology, Transparency, Efficiency

ALLL Triple Play: Methodology, Transparency and Efficiency

Do you agree with this CFO’s statement? “The problems with ALLL are not in the rear view mirror yet.” What would the world be like if the calculations for ALLL were clear and straightforward? If the tool you use to calculate and kick out reports was intuitive and transparent? If the Directors understood ALLL ramifications? If GAAP and examiners seemed to be on the same page? Or the same planet?

Linda Keith CPA will combine her insights and the results of up-to-the-minute conversations with examiners, outside auditors and CFOs to help you solve for three problems:

  • Cumbersome calculations and processes that worked better when life was simpler
  • The challenge of sharing the thought-process used in a clear and compelling way
  • Complicated reports for management and directors and how to make it simple and clear

Armed with the latest, you’ll break into collaborative discussion with your colleagues to compare notes, challenges and solutions.

Note to meeting planner: This description is revised prior to each use based on up-to-date discussion with examiners, auditors and CFOs.

Alternate title:

The Triple Threat of the ALLL: Update on Challenges and Solutions

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