Linda Keith CPA Articles for Banking: Lenders, Executives, Directors

Articles for Banking: Lenders, Executives, Directors

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Seven Steps to Improve Loan Quality Now

Check (or double-check) that you are working on each of these seven steps as you keep your bank or credit union strong, or recover your position as the economy recovers.

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The Top Ten Warning Signs in a Business Tax Return

Lenders need to spot them. Business owners or managers need to know what will look bad to the lender and be ready with an explanation.

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The 12 Cs of Credit: Lending in (and out of) a Recession

You may have heard of the 6 Cs of Credit. I have added 6 more. Learn where to find clues in the tax return, financial statements and elsewhere as to the original six. Then find out how the remaining six impact your lending decisions.

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How Businesses can Round Up their Cash

Business owners and managers: Read this before you take on new equity partners, request a restructure or new financing from your lender, or pass up opportunities because of cash worries.

Lenders: Pass this on to your business borrowers as a resource for them.

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Tax Return Analysis…the basics

Whether you are new to tax return analysis, or are finding the stronger emphasis on cashflow a reason to revisit it, this article will walk you through the basics.

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Digging for Dollars: Qualifying your Self-Employed Mortgage Borrower

Just like you, secondary market mortgage underwriters learned on the job. Some of them may not be totally familiar with all of their own guidelines.

Even if you are not using the FannieMae rules, it is likely the lender you are selling your loan to is using a variation.

Understand how to dig for dollars using the FannieMae guidelines.

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Tax, Financial and Accounting Glossary for Lenders

Let’s face it, finance is a foreign language. This is a practical, minimum jargon resource for understanding the lingo.

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The Risky Business of Lending Institutions: Seven Risks a Director must Understand

The job of Director is unlike any job you have ever had. Oversee but do not micro-manage. Understand an entirely different type of financial statements. Risky Business. This article will help clear it up.

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