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Confused banker

Changes to the 2018 tax forms will be confusing

I update the tax forms we use in our resource manuals and modules on tax return analysis yearly. It is easy to see how the 2018 forms and tax due will compare...
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Online Training for Credit Professionals

Two Year-End Webinars for Bankers

Things slow down for some of us in December so this is a perfect time to fit in two webinars that will help you and your customers in 2019. Improve your readiness for the next recession....
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Are banks ready for the next recession?

Size Matters: Are banks ready for the next recession?

In the 2018 Credit Risk Readiness Survey, we asked banks whether they were more or less optimistic than last year. Blue= Agree or strongly agree; White=neutral; Aqua = Disagree or strongly...
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Are you missing a depreciation add-back?

Jordy’s question: Should Form 4562 depreciation be added back to cash flow? Every analysis I have seen does not use Form 4562 and instead goes to the schedules (on the individual return) and the...
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Lending to Non-Profits

Cash Flow Analysis of a Non-Profit Entity

Stephanie’s question:

How do you apply the cash flow analysis rules of a business to a non-profit entity instead?

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Borrower’s mindset: Residential vs Commercial Real Estate

As always, I am on the hunt for information that will give real estate lenders insight into the minds, motivation and method of their investor/borrowers. Whether your bailiwick is residential...

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Online communications

How digital communications are eroding the C’s of Credit

Changes in the way we communicate with borrowers may be making it harder to apply the C's of Credit to loan origination decisions and ongoing monitoring. Bear with me, I am not going against...

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Cash Flow

Where are Guaranteed Payments on a 1040?

Michael’s question:

My question is about 1065, K-1,Part III section 4 Guaranteed Payments. In

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Confused banker

Draft 2018 1040 ‘Postcard’: Where is the cash flow?

The Internal Revenue Service has released a draft of the new, simplified, postcard size 1040. And it will replace the 1040, 1040A and 1040-EZ. Here is where lending and credit professionals...

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