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Where are the Missing K-1s?

Alisha asks:

I have a customer who has multiple K-1’s...

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Avoid skewed cash flow from disallowed losses

Jacqueline's question:

On the 1040 Schedule E Page One,...

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Confusion on add-backs for NOLs and other non-cash items

Ray’s question:

I learned to add back Net Operating Losses...
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Lending to Complex Borrowers

Bankers TOP 10 take-aways from tax return analysis training

I had asked them to write, on the back of the evaluation, the top three things they learned...
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Depreciation: More than an add-back

Mark’s question:

I have a loan prospect who has provided me...
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Three reasons not to count on goodwill. What does it really tell you?

The first problem with goodwill is that we are counting on the acquiring company to have...
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