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Skills-based training

A large percentage of loan originators were in high school, or even middle school, during the 'Great Recession'. Their entire lending/credit career has been in a flat interest-rate environment.

Do you need skills-level training in Global Analysis of Tax Returns for Complex Borrowers, Businesses, or Farming Operations? Credit risk readiness at the point of loan origination is a priority for 91% of the respondents of the 2018 Credit Risk Readiness Survey, citing the need to transfer skills and knowledge to the next generation of lending and credit professionals.

This training can focus on less experienced analysts or can include the entire credit team to fill in the gaps for experienced lending and credit professionals, improve their on-the-job training skills and increase consistency across the board. See online and face-to-face options here.

Insightful presentations

Are your directors and senior management worried about what is coming at us? Or worse yet, are they not worried? How about your credit professionals?

Rough Seas or Calm Waters: Credit Risk Ready for Any Conditions is a high-level presentation designed to increase awareness of the challenges right around the corner, address the reasons why it is difficult to maintain readiness when things have been going well, and provide insights from bankers across the country as to what needs to happen to improve preparedness for the next major credit disruption.

Typically from 45 to 90 minutes, with true stories of Linda's sometimes perilous kayak adventures as well as lessons learned as a shareholder of the 92nd bank to fail in 2009, it will get the people in the room thinking. Learn more here.

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Have you read the report?

The Credit Risk Readiness Report shows you what lending and credit professionals think about credit risk and how we are handling it 10 years after the last recession.

Download the Credit Risk Readiness Report here.

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