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Are we ready for the next recession?


The Credit Risk Readiness Study is a nation-wide assessment of how well community banking financial institutions, both banks and credit unions, are prepared for the next major credit disruption.

Linda Keith CPA Founder, Credit Risk Readiness Study
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In Partnership With The University of Northern Colorado

The Social Research Lab at the University of Northern Colorado is conducting this study.

They are assisting with interview questions, study design, and guarantee complete anonymity for participants.


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How The Study Works

  • Initial Interviews

    We are interviewing chief credit and lending officers, senior lending officers, auditors, and regulators,
  • The Survey

    The Social Research Lab surveys people working in the financial industry nationwide across many types of lending.
  • Post-Survey Interviews

    Based on the survey, we interview more people for an in-depth understanding of the issues raised.
  • Analysis & Report

    The Social Research Lab analyzes all interviews and survey results and develops a final report.

The Team


Help our community banks and credit unions prepare for the next big disruption.

Linda Keith CPA - Founder, Credit Risk Readiness Study

Our passion is providing good data to people so they can make better, more informed decisions.

Dr. Josh Packard - Executive Director, Social Research Lab, University of Northern Colorado

We have to remember the lessons of the last recession to properly prepare for the next one. This Study is the first step in that direction.

Brian Keith - Project Manager, Credit Risk Readiness Study

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We need senior lending professionals for pre- and post-survey 45-minute interviews.