Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

What is CSP?

The letters CSP following a speaker’s name stand for Certified Speaking
Professional.  They indicate a speaking professional with proven
experience, who understands what is required and knows how to deliver
client satisfaction.

CSP is the international standard agreed upon by
the Global Speakers Federation, an organization comprised of
professional speaking associations worldwide, including the National
Speakers Association (NSA), to represent competence in the speaking
profession. The CSP designation was established in 1980, and is
conferred only on those who have earned it by meeting strict criteria.

What Are the Criteria?

Every CSP must…

  • Be a member in good standing of the National Speakers Association (NSA) or the established association of their home country. They must adhere to NSA’s Code of Professional Ethics
  • Serve a required number of different clients within 5 years
  • Present a required number of professional speaking engagements within this same 5-year period
  • Submit testimonial letters from clients served
  • Submit professionally prepared promotional materials
  • Receive excellent ratings from past clients on NSA’s professional performance evaluations
  • Continue their education in the professional speaking field

How Many CSPs Are There?

Less than 7% of the Global Speakers Federation members have earned this professional designation. Linda is one of only five Certified Public Accountants in the United States who has also earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation. We think that makes her Certified Squared!

What do meeting planners say about the designation?

CSP is an insurance policy toward the meeting planner’s success. The CSP designator is a qualifier in the mind of the astute planner.

Brad Plumb | North American Speakers Bureau, Inc.

I am a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional). I believe strongly in designations. It says you are committed to the profession. When I have equal speakers, I will take the CSP first over the, non-CSP Yes, CSP does make a difference in selecting speakers.

Betty E. Garrett, CMP | Garrett Speakers International

I always consider the CSP designation the hallmark of professional excellence. The CSPs that we have selected have never disappointed our audiences.

Barbara S. Sadek | The Society for Human Resources Management

It’s truly an indication that a speaker has achieved a higher level of professionalism. It’s something we look for first. I reduce my risk by hiring someone with a CSP.

William Bess | Manufacturing Representatives of America

The National Speakers Association

NSA, a member association of the Global Speakers Federation, is dedicated to
advancing the art and value of experts who speak professionally. The
Global Speakers Federation provides more than 5000 members with the
resources and education designed to enhance the talent, ethics and
business acumen of professional speakers.

The CSP Certification is an
indication that you are booking a committed professional who has a
history of success with many audiences.

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