Banking Conference Program: Risk Management

The Ten Essentials of Risk Management

Hikers bring ten essentials on every outing to ensure their safe and sound return, no matter the conditions. From interviews with CFOs, CPAs and banking consultants throughout the country, Linda created the TEN ESSENTIALS OF RISK MANAGEMENT with the same goal in mind.

In this session, you will consider when and how your assumptions or actions might increase risk, improve your approach to recognizing and passing on lessons learned from past challenges, identify your risk management strengths and key in on areas to focus on for improvement.

As a group, we’ll capture the best practices in all ten areas and send the results back out to attendees. And you’ll take home the TEN ESSENTIALS CARD DECKTM to foster ideas and discussion with the risk management team back home.

Rough weather ahead? Always! With a little help from your peers, improve your risk management approach and process to weather any storm.

Takeaways for attendees:
• Identify and share the elements of your best risk management practices
• Target an area for improvement and gain specific ideas to implement
• Improve effective capture and utilization of lessons learned in ‘rough’ conditions
• Overcome the three barriers to learning from near misses
• Practice a framework to foster management discussion for idea capture and knowledge transfer

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