Finance 2.0 for Directors of Banks and Credit Unions

Finance 2.0 for Directors: Move beyond Check-the-Box to Good Governance

Directors all over the country are asking five critical questions:

  1. What do I need to know to fulfill my ‘Duty of Care’?
  2. How do I know if I know it…or know it well enough?
  3. How do I prove to the regulators I’ve made a good faith effort?
  4. When is it okay to rely on the financial opinions of other directors?
  5. How will I look shareholders or members in the eye, should things go wrong, and honestly say ‘I took personal responsibility to learn what was needed to provide financial oversight of (y)our financial institution’?

Join Linda Keith CPA as she combines her insights with those of Examiners, CFOs and Directors focused on good governance. Even if your directors have recently attended financial training, come assure yourself that you have given this the ‘good governance’ test. And yes, Linda will provide a certificate of attendance so you can also check the box!

Note to meeting planners: I am happy to add a Director session when presenting at your conference for banking executives and/or lenders. As a six-year national director of a professional association, I have an unusual perspective for a banking conference presenter.

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