GAME: Ten Essentials for Success as a Director

The Ten Essentials for Director SuccessTM

Build on your Strengths and Improve the Rest

Based on the Ten Essentials for SuccessTM identified by Directors of Financial Institutions, this card set and the accompanying games and activities are helpful for individual directors and the board as a whole:

  • Use a playful activity to gain insights into individual and group strengths
  • Identify best practices to adopt aimed at strengthening effectiveness of individuals and the board as a whole
  • Decide on areas to improve based on the results of the game or activity
  • Identify gaps to fill when looking for new leaders

Buy a set for the entire Board and include your Supervisory Committee, too!

Only $9.75 per set or $8.00 per set for 12 or more.

What you get:

Each includes multiple uses for the Ten Essentials CardsTMincluding:

3-Up  |  Give-and-Receive 
|  Pick-a-card

Essentials Rummy  |  2X2  |  Where’s the

Most games can be played in a Solitaire or a Group version. Each
player keeps their card set for personal use. The package includes:

  • A Ten EssentialsTM card set for each player
  • Game instructions
  • A ‘Best Practices’ tip sheet developed by Directors… for Directors.

Only $9.75 per set or $8.00 per set for 12 or more.

Add Linda to the mix as Facilitator or Presenter

This is the same game Linda uses when facilitating a session with your board or presenting at a banking or credit union conference or convention. Email Linda to see if this is the best option for your board or association!

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