Global Cashflow Worksheets

Worksheets for Global Tax Return Analysis

Works with AGI Method and Schedule Analysis Method - $95.00

The 2018 1040 is changing! Make sure you have the right forms, schedules and lines to accurately calculate cash flow available to pay debt and the owners. --- Linda Keith

Global Cashflow Tax Return Analysis Worksheet

Make it easy on yourself!

Our Excel-based global worksheets:

  • Do the math right, every time and include built-in help pop-up boxes
  • Provide excellent documentation and consistency among lenders
  • Are Excel-based so you don't have to learn a new software
  • Include 1040, Sch C, Rentals, 1065, 1120, 1120S in one workbook
  • Used for the business alone or the business and owner combined
  • Include protection against accidental changes to critical formulas
  • Integrate with the reference manuals for a complete solution

Preview the worksheet:

Click here to open a PDF version of the 1040 worksheets for AGI and SAM to see how it works.

Customize it:

You'll choose the 1040Pg1 worksheet that fits your guidelines, AGI or SAM:

You use the AGI method on the 1040 if you start with the bottom line (AGI or Total Income) and adjust from there by adding back depreciation, subtracting nonrecurring capital gains, etc.

You use the Schedule Analysis Method (SAM) if you list each type of income separately; such as wages, interest, and business. Linda recommends the SAM approach for more complicated borrowers.

The purchased version will include the 1040 worksheets as well as business worksheets for 1120, 1120S and 1065 returns.

Use as is or customize before first use. Instructions included to:

  • Remove the 1040PG1 worksheet (AGI or SAM) that you do not need
  • Use the blank worksheet to include your own guidelines
  • Customize to include your company-required adjustments
  • Re-save as your own read-only template file

Discount for multiple users:

Each Global Cashflow Worksheet purchased is licensed for one user only (whether on separate PC or your network). If you need multiple licenses, please contact us to see if you qualify for a discount! We also have enterprise-wide licenses upon request.

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