Linda’s Videos

Linda in Action…

Linda is known to her clients as the Certified ‘Playful’ Accountant. She is also a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional. See for yourself.

S-CORPS, K­‐1s and Pass­‐Throughs: Oh My!

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This is an excerpt from a blended conference presentation. Part One covered the educational component and was delivered virtually with online modules and the first year of a three year pass-thru entity tax return analysis case study. At the conference, Linda presented two 1 1/2 hour sessions. This footage is from the second session which included group case studies and the wrap-up.

Kevin sent his team to online training…

CrossFirst Bank in Kansas sent a team to the Linda Keith CPA Virtual Training on Tax Return Analysis. Kevin shares his impressions of the training and their results.

A client says our system is ‘bulletproof’ with the regulators…

Rob Farrington, VP of Commercial RE, shares how the use of Linda Keith’s tools and training show the Examiners that his team understands what they are doing.

A conference organizer says ‘Linda makes it fun’…

Jim Gallagher, CEO of Member Business Solutions, shares his thoughts on Linda’s educational sessions at his conference.

See an audience member help Linda make a point…

A 9-minute excerpt from a presentation for business owners on planning for and dealing successfully with setbacks, this presentation will be customized to your banking, credit union, business, management or volunteer audience. If your focus is change instead of setbacks, Linda adjusts the content.

Did you catch Otto help demonstrate the ‘Paddle Principle’ at 7:07 minutes?

A client hosted the training for his team and customers…

Banks and Credit Unions often collaborate to bring the training in. In this variation, a Member Business Lending CUSO combined the training for ten of his credit professionals and opened it up to credit professionals from the CUSO credit union clients. The credit unions were able to send their people at the group discount rate, the CUSO credit professionals got the training they needed and the CUSO made a stronger connection to it’s client base. Win-win-win!

This CEO says Linda is ‘world class’…

Sageworks brought Linda in for the second consecutive year to their Risk Management Summit, a conference for their clients and prospects. She was rated in the top two of all of their speakers. The other top speaker was also a funny CPA. Expertise and energy make for good conference programs. Well… and speaking talent! Scott believes Linda has all three.

Considering hiring Linda?

Investing in the person who can help your lending/credit professionals, bank executives and directors get the information they need to succeed is an important decision. Only view this video if you are trying to decide…this one is all about Linda. Well, not really. It is about why what Linda does is all about the needs of the organization that hired her, the people in the room and the people and companies they serve.

Linda presents conference presentations aimed at lending/credit professionals on business and farm lending, at bank executives on risk management/ALLL and at Directors on finance topics. She provides in person and virtual training on Tax Return Analysis to say ‘Yes’ to good loans.

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