Loan Training for Banks

Loan Training for Banks

That was then…

  • Community banks hired lenders out of the big banks after they received extensive training.
  • Big banks offered significant training on every relevant subject.

This is now…

  • Lenders join community banks without pre-training from elsewhere.
  • Competition is heating up for new hires as baby boomers hit the door.
  • You may be getting less experienced people than you used to hire.

Bank training options

By contract trainers

Some banker/contract instructors have a wonderful ability to explain complicated subjects and a flair for the training environment.

The next time, a different banker is presenting and it’s just not the same.

By companies with proprietary software and systems

  • They train to their own software and worksheets.
  • If you want to keep your own system you are out of luck.
  • They understand their software but do they understand the bigger picture?

By a practicing CPA

  • You have a CPA on your board or attend a ‘practice-building’ session taught by a local CPA.
  • You find that what a CPA knows, and needs to know about tax returns is very different than what a lender needs to know.
  • And surprise! Not all CPAs are great trainers.

Linda steps in to fill the gap, consistently.

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