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For Management & Directors

Phil is a director of his local community bank. He is also a leadership advisor, speaker and trainer at banking conferences throughout the United States. He knows what it takes to 'be a hit' for your conference.

She's a passionate speaker

Sageworks brought Linda in for the second consecutive year to their Risk Management Summit, a conference for their clients and prospects. She was rated in the top two of all of their speakers.

Linda makes it fun!

MBS puts on a Business Lending Summit for their clients annually. Linda is a repeat presenter. After the most recent program, one of the participants said "I wish we could have kept going".

A message from Linda

Linda speaks on Credit Risk Readiness at a high-level and can also provide a roll-up-the-sleeves credit analysis session. After you view this video, use our contact form to get in touch.

More about Linda

Deep Expertise and Engaging Presentation Style

Linda draws on her extensive business background and 20 years of financial institution consulting and training to bring customized presentations to your conference.

She is one of only eight Certified Public Accountants who is also a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation conferred by the National Speakers Association for proven, extensive presentation experience. Linda delivers practical information in a very entertaining format.

She understands meetings

Linda is a past director of a professional association at the national level and served on their convention committee with responsibility to choose and work with conference speakers. She has an unusual understanding of the needs of the conference organizer. She'll learn what your strategic objectives are for the meeting and discuss which presentation will work best and how to customize it for your group.

More than a professional speaker

Professional speakers are a critical ingredient in any conference and, as a Certified Speaking Professional, Linda is one. That said, a professional speaker with deep expertise and experience in banking is a much better fit. Linda's relevant experience includes business owner, mortgage and commercial borrower, credit trainer, and state examiner. And if you are considering the risk management topic, it helps that she is a sea kayaker as well!

Choose your topic

  • Rough Seas or Calm Waters: Credit Risk Readiness for Any Conditions

    For general bank and credit union audiences, senior management and/or directors, the description and content will be modified based on audience and time frame. Most meeting planners choose four of the bullet points offered.

    Did you ‘learn the lessons’ from the last recession? Did they stick? And if your bank did well, are you resisting learning the lessons because you think they don't apply to you? Is that wise?

    In this session, Linda gets you thinking. You will consider if you and your bank are where you ought to be through insights she has gleaned from the nation-wide 2018 Credit Risk Readiness Study, from her work in the front lines helping lending and credit professionals originate performing loans, from kayaking in the coldest summertime waters in the continental United States, and, sadly, experienced as a shareholder of the 92nd bank to fail in 2009.

    • Critically assess your readiness for the next recession and compare your thinking to that of other credit professionals.
    • Adapt and adopt the three-step response kayakers and bankers must use when conditions deteriorate, for any reason.
    • Discover and overcome the bias that prevents you and your team from learning from success (or from near misses).
    • Revisit the conditions that led to bank failures in the Great Recession to determine if we are back-sliding.
    • Take back tools to overcome the number one challenge identified by credit professionals in being ready for the next big credit disruption.

    Turbulence is always ahead in banking. Risk management is in every job description. Prepare now for the rough seas ahead. Plan to capsize so you can be ready to recover….safe and sound.

    Bio for this session:

    Linda Keith CPA attacks Credit Risk Readiness on two fronts. Her firm commissioned the Credit Risk Readiness Study in which she interviewed and surveyed hundreds of senior credit professionals and shares the results at banking conferences throughout the country. She also works in the front lines of your first line of defense, helping lending and credit professionals say 'yes' to good loans. Through online and in person training, she helps them develop a global analysis of borrower tax returns, ask good questions, spot red flags, and document their findings. She lives on Eld Inlet and kayaks in Southern Puget Sound. She always dresses for the water temperature, no matter how sunny the day. You should, too.

  • K-1s and Pass-Through Entities: Clear up the Confusion

    For credit professionals. The description and content will be modified based on audience and time frame.

    Global cashflow does not work if you double-count income or leave it out. You may make the wrong loan decision if you cannot make the best choice between available or actual cashflow from a pass-through that is not obligated on your loan, but is a major factor in the owner/guarantor cashflow. We'll clear up the most frequently asked questions so you can determine, with confidence, the repayment capacity of your borrower.

    • What schedules do I use and what can I ignore?
    • When do I need the full 1120S and when will the K-1 be enough?
    • What is the risk of using the number on 1040 Schedule E Page two?
    • Does passive vs non-passive matter?
    • How do I calculate cashflow available to pay debt for an S Corporation?

    Guidelines vary and points of view can be heated. Linda will help clear it up for you.

    Bio for this session:

    Linda Keith CPA CSP works with lending professionals throughout the United States to help them say "Yes" to good loans. Hundreds of financial institutions have sent their lenders to Linda. Her clients improve competence, confidence and consistency in pulling qualifying income, spotting red flags and making good loan decisions.

  • Red Flags or Green Lights: Don't Get your Signals Crossed

    For credit professionals. The description and content will be modified based on audience and time frame.

    Competent tax return analysis is critical to saying 'yes' to good loans. Yet it is more than mere numbers and formulas.

    In this session, Linda Keith CPA will cover some of the red flags that should stop you in your tracks when you see them in a prospective borrower's return. Linda promises you'll be surprised by some of them.

    And she won't stop there. Sometimes a red flag is a green light in disguise. Whether you are personally responsible for analyzing tax returns, or are responsible for the team that does, join us to make good loan decisions without getting your signals crossed!

    Bio for this session:

    Linda Keith CPA trains lending professionals throughout the United States, through online and in person programs, on tax return and financial statement analysis. She is in the trenches with lenders, analysts and underwriters helping them say 'yes' to good loans.

    Creator of, she speaks at banking associations on risk management and lending topics.

What our clients say


Interactive and engaging

Linda brings high energy to her session. It's interactive, it's engaging and we have not had anything like it. It was a very highly-rated session...nobody comes close to her feedback.

Ed Bayer Managing Director, Sageworks, Risk Managment Summit

Upbeat and entertaining

After attending Linda's session at the lending conference, I feel more comfortable with what is needed to help our self-employed borrowers. Her session was upbeat and entertaining.

Shelly Ridgeway AVP Lending, Ascentra CU

She's a professional

For the education component of our conference, it couldn't be better. Linda really brings an entertainment factor to the topic. She's got a unique talent that I haven't seen before. She makes it fun and that's hard to do. She's a professional.

Jim Gallagheer CEO, MBS, Small Business Lending Summit

See Linda in action

The session highlighted in this video was a roll-up-the-sleeves tax return analysis program at a business lending conference. The attendees had the opportunity to view online modules prior to the conference so we could focus on application of the concepts when we were face-to-face.

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