S Corps and K-1s: Global Cash flow Issues and Answers

S Corporation owners want a loan

Could you make a loan to this medical practice?

S Corps and K-1s: Global Cash flow Issues and Answers

Global cash flow does not work if you double-count income or leave it out. You may make the wrong loan decision if you cannot make the best choice between available or actual cash flow from a pass-thru that is not obligated on your loan, but is a major factor in owner cash flow. We’ll clear up the most frequently asked questions so you can determine, with confidence, the repayment capacity of your borrower.

Bring your calculator, roll up your sleeves and get to work. You will review the fundamentals of S-Corporations and the K-1s and how they flow to the 1040. We will walk through the second year of a case study I have started for you. Get answers to these frequently asked questions:

  • What schedules do I use and what can I ignore?
  • When do I need the full 1120S and when will the K-1 be enough?
  • What is the risk of using the number on 1040 Schedule E Page two?
  • Does passive vs non-passive matter?
  • How do I calculate cash flow available to pay debt for an S Corporation?

Linda Keith CPA CSP works with bank and credit union lending professionals throughout the United States to help them say ‘Yes’ to good loans. Hundreds of financial institutions have sent their lenders to Linda. Her clients improve competence, confidence and consistency in pulling qualifying income, spotting red flags and digging for dollars when appropriate.

Linda Keith CPA – Recommended by Jim Gallagher, Conference Client from Linda Keith on Vimeo.

Note to meeting planners: This program lends itself well to a blended approach. We can include access to five online modules and a comprehensive case study prior to the conference. Then use the conference in-person time for application and case study group work. If you go with that option, the above description will be modified to acknowledge the pre-work.

Because of the depth of the content, I recommend 3 hours (two conference break-out sessions or a pre-conference half-day workshop) at a minimum.

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