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Financial Literacy for Youth: Pigs Can Fly

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The expression ‘when pigs fly’ generally refers to an impossible situation. Financial literacy in this country is not impossible. But it certainly needs a concerted effort to improve it.

Who better than you and I, your company and mine, to step up and help improve financial literacy in this country? No one.

Join us. We are creating partnerships between financial professionals and schools to add financial literacy to the school curriculum. Bankers, CPAs and financial advisors are working alongside the teachers to deliver it.

Here you will find:

  • Resources for presentations to a school-age audience
  • Examples of what other financial professionals are doing to partner with schools and children’s organizations
  • A template to create a Pigs Can Fly™ partnership in your area

Why is this critical now?

Many adults are taking on financial commitments who do not have an understanding of personal finance. Many of them are parents who cannot possibly be teaching their kids the basics of saving, budgeting, and using credit wisely. And many of the parents who are financially savvy don’t see it as a skill to teach their children.

Step into the gap with me.

Let’s turn this situation upside-down. Here is what you can do:

  • Email me with:
  • Reviews of books for kids
  • Reviews of programs for kids
  • Success stories of classroom activities and partnerships
  • Make a personal commitment to an area school for ongoing financial literacy education. If you are not already connected to a local school, there are volunteer opportunities with some of the organizations listed on our resource page.
  • Encourage your bank, credit union, CPA firm or stock brokerage to adopt a school
  • Cover costs (bus and lunch money) for a financial field trip
  • Provide financial professionals to partner with teachers to present financial literacy curriculum
  • Purchase materials to be used in class

View resources and success stories
Email me with reviews/resources

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