Risk Management Banking Conference Program…


A Kayaker’s Guide to Risk Management:
Plan to Get Wet!

Kayaking in the 50° waters of Puget Sound, miles from shore and in rough conditions is all about risk assessment and incident management. In this often funny and always thought-provoking session, Linda shares insights learned (and earned) from her paddle adventures and applies them to your bank.

  • Discover the ‘hidden’ steps to reduce your risk in rough waters
  • Assess and improve your team’s approach to ‘confused seas’
  • Deconstruct a ‘near miss’ to learn, and then share, the lessons

Turbulence is ahead in banking, by definition. Prepare now for your next trip into choppy seas.

About Linda:

Linda Keith CPA works with lenders across the United States to say ‘yes’ to good loans. She dives below the surface in her tax return analysis training to increase competence and confidence in pulling qualifying income, asking good questions, spotting red flags, deciding, documenting and then defending the loan decision. She was a shareholder in the 92nd bank to fail in 2009. She lives on Eld Inlet and kayaks throughout Puget Sound.

See Linda in action:

The video below is from a variation of this topic. The audience included business managers preparing for significant challenges in their company. (Don’t miss Otto helping demonstrate the ‘Paddle Principle’ at 7:07 minutes!

View another video of Linda presenting a content break-out session

Note to meeting planners:

This presentation applies to anyone who needs to lead themselves, their team or their organization through challenges or significant change. I have presented this to Directors and Management of Financial Institutions, Consultants, Business Owners and Non-Profit Leaders.

The title, description and the presentation will be customized for your audience and your situation. Some meeting planners prefer title variations including:

  • “The Kayaker’s Guide to Risk Management: Plan to Stay in the Boat!”
  • “The Kayaker’s Guide to Risk Management: Plan to Capsize!

The presentation can be configured as a stand-alone or as a keynote within a conference. Points are illustrated with banking, business or personal examples depending on the audience.

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