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Learning works best when you are having fun!

If that statement does not resonate with you, you'll be happier if you hire someone else. Take a look at the testimonials throughout this website. Linda is known for her practical and entertaining style on what, in the hands of others, can be dry and boring. There is a reason Linda's clients call her a Certified 'Playful' Accountant.


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  • Tax Return Analysis: 1040 and Business Basics

    More than just the 1040, this is the foundation for cash flow analysis of any return. We cover how the information flows, how to tell if you have the complete return, a process to work top to bottom (even when you get interrupted) and the basic types of income, expenses, gains and losses you have to use to get from taxable income to recurring cash flow to pay debt.

    Then we drill into the 1040 for personal lending and guarantor analysis, as well as the introduction to business returns through the Schedule C or F.

    You'll learn to:

    • Convert taxable income into cash flow available
    • Spot red flags and troubled borrowers
    • Keep your train of thought
    • Ask good questions and develop stronger customer connections
    • Dig for dollars, when necessary, to say "yes" to a good loan.

    Available in online and in person training with a business and/or farm lending focus. Also available as a conference presentation modified for length of session.

  • Beyond the 1040: Advanced Business Returns

    Unless you have significant experience or training, be sure to attend the 1040 workshop with or before this one. Most lenders who skip it wish they had not since it sets the stage for all types of returns.

    Picking up where the 1040 workshop leaves off, we cover Partnerships (General and Limited), Limited Liability Companies and Corporations (C and S). Before we jump into the tax forms we cover:

    • Each type of entity
    • Advantages and disadvantages to the borrower and the lender
    • Risk exposure of the owners
    • How the cash flows to the owner versus allocations of taxable income
    • Pulling it all together into global analysis

    You work with Linda, in small groups and on your own to:

    • Do a quick overview of any business return to get a feel for the business
    • Determine business cash flow available to pay debt
    • Spot troubled businesses and questionable expenses
    • Calculate cash flow available to the owner and what they really took
    • Discover what they did with the excess cash or how they covered a shortfall
    • Available in online and in person training with a business and/or farm lending focus. Also available as a conference presentation modified for length of session.

  • Financial Statement Analysis: The Business Scorecard

    This basic-to-intermediate training helps lending professionals use financial statements to learn the story behind the numbers.

    Can you answer these questions?

    • Can I trust these statements?
    • Does CPA-prepared, compiled, reviewed or audited make a difference?
    • Is the company profitable?
    • What are the trouble spots?
    • Do they have enough cash?
    • Do they already have too much debt?
    • What else should I ask?
    • Should I make the loan?

    Yes, Linda knows that you have spreads programs to calculate percentages and ratios. After this workshop, you'll really understand at a gut level what those numbers are telling you.

    You'll learn to:

    • Distinguish between cash- and accrual-basis and reconcile one to the other
    • Calculate, understand and explain the most common ratios and percentages
    • Create simple financial statements, including a Statement of Cash Flow from the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • Read the 'Notes to the Financial Statements' to learn what questions they answer and what questions they raise
    • Write-up your analysis in narrative that goes beyond stating the obvious (elevator analysis) and explains the meaning behind the changes in the numbers.

    Available in online and in person training as well as conference presentations in a shorter format.


  • Turbulence Ahead! A kayaker's Guide to Risk Management

    For general banking audiences, the description and content will be modified based on audience and time-frame.

    Kayaking in the cold waters of Puget Sound, miles from shore and in rough conditions, is all about risk assessment and incident management. So is banking.

    In this often funny and always thought-provoking session, Linda shares insights learned (and earned) from her paddle adventures, gleaned from her work in the trenches with credit professionals and, sadly, experienced as a shareholder of the 92nd bank to fail in 2009.

    Learn how to:

    • Capture and share the lessons you learned (or didn't) from the last recession
    • Asses how your team works together in choppy waters and what, or who, you are missing
    • Discover and overcome the bias that prevents you from learning from near misses

    Turbulence is always ahead in banking. Risk management is in every job description. Prepare now for the rough seas ahead.

    Bio for this session:

    Linda Keith CPA speaks at credit conferences on risk management and loan quality. More often, she works directly with lenders across the Unites States to say "yes" to good loans. Through online and in person training, she helps them develop a global analysis of borrower tax returns, ask good questions, spot red flags, and document their findings. She lives on Eld Inlet and kayaks throughout Puget Sound.

  • Red Flags or Green Lights: Don't Get your Signals Crossed

    For credit professionals. The description and content will be modified based on audience and time-frame.

    Competent tax return analysis is critical to saying "yes" to good loans. Yet it is more than mere numbers and formulas.

    In this session, Linda Keith CPA will cover some of the red flags that should stop you in your tracks when you see them in a prospective borrower's return. Linda promises you'll be surprised by some of them.

    And she won't stop there. Sometimes a red flag is a green light in disguise. Whether you are personally responsible for analyzing tax returns, or are responsible for the team that does, join us to make good loan decisions without getting your signals crossed!

    Bio for this session:

    Linda Keith CPA trains lending professionals throughout the United States, through online and in person programs, on tax return and financial statement analysis. She is in the trenches with lenders, analysts and underwriters helping them say "yes" to good loans.

    Creator of, she speaks at banking associations on risk management and lending topics.

  • S Corps, K-1s and Pass-Throughs: Oh My!

    For credit professionals. The description and content will be modified based on audience and time-frame.

    Global cashflow does not work if you double-count income or leave it out. You may make the wrong loan decision if you cannot make the best choice between available or actual cashflow from a pass-through that is not obligated on your loan, but is a major factor in the owner/guarantor cashflow. We'll clear up the most frequently asked questions so you can determine, with confidence, the repayment capacity of your borrower.

    • What schedules do I use and what can I ignore?
    • When do I need the full 1120S and when will the K-1 be enough?
    • What is the risk of using the number on 1040 Schedule E Page two?
    • Does passive vs non-passive matter?
    • How do I calculate cashflow available to pay debt for an S Corporation?

    Guidelines vary and points of view can be heated. Linda will help clear it up for you.

    Bio for this session:

    Linda Keith CPA CSP works with lending professionals throughout the United States to help them say "yes" to good loans. Hundreds of financial institutions have sent their lenders to Linda. Her clients improve competence, confidence and consistency in pulling qualifying income, spotting red flags and making good loan decisions.


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What our clients say


From decline to approval

I was able to educate a lender on a decline and reverse it to an approval already. The class really helped!

Rina Aponte Operations Manager, Priority One Finance

Practice cases were helpful.

Good, funny stories that made it more interesting. The practice cases were helpful, thanks!

Brett Duvall Loan Officer, First Bank

Bulletproof with regulators

I just finished the audit with our federal and state regulators. They asked how we are handling global analysis of tax returns and I broke out the manual I got from Linda 14 years ago. It still holds up today as bulletproof for letting the examiners know we know what we are doing.

I still reference the book after all these years and am confident the training she is doing for us today will help my team as well.

Rob Farrington Senior VP Com'l RE, American First CU

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