Red Light or Green Light?

Don’t Get your Signals Crossed!

More than just numbers, formulas, and spreadsheets, Tax Return Analysis is about understanding the borrower and their business, getting the story behind the numbers, and making a good loan decision. 

Spotting and resolving concerns, red flags, something that should stop you in your tracks, is a key aspect that is often learned haphazardly as things go wrong!

Red flags are not necessarily deal-killers!

They should get your attention so you can make a better loan decision. Perhaps there is a good explanation for what appears to be a problem. Make sure you can:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Understand the circumstances
  • Make the right loan decision

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This list of red flags was extracted from the pages of our two 200+ page manuals:

Tax Return Analysis: Fundamentals and 1040 Review

Business Tax Returns: Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs

In just 20 pages, you’ll receive guidance on what red flags to spot and when they might be a green light, instead.

20-page Resource for Lending Professionals

It is easy to misinterpret information in borrower tax returns.

The consequences are serious, though, when you approve a bad loan or turn down a good one.

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