Sageworks Beta Opportunity

We just finished up our latest webinar or maybe you are multi-tasking and I am still on! We have put together several resources to improve your credit analysis process. Feel free to jump to the bottom of this page and request the resources. Before you do, consider this opportunity to partner with us.

Beta Partner Opportunity

Would you like to be a Beta Partner to try out a new way to send teams to our virtual classes and access the resources at Lenders Online Training (including 35 modules, three manuals, weekly webinars, case studies…the works!) Beta Partners will:

  • receive more training for less cost
  • have a hand in shaping how this training is offered

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Would you like us to get in touch about the Beta Partner opportunity?

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Yes, please, put call about the Beta Partner Opportunity. Now for the resource list.

No, thanks. Send me right to the resource list.

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