Sageworks Webinar Follow-up

Linda Keith CPA
Linda Keith CPA

Thank you for joining me

I was delighted to partner again with Sageworks to bring you actionable information on dealing with the confusing world of K-1s.

Next Steps

On the next page, you’ll get to opt in to my video series on K-1 FAQs and Global Cashflow.

You’ll also be able to join my ‘Ask Linda’ email list. I answer one or two questions each month on tax return analysis. You might not be surprised to know how many are on pass-through entities and K-1s. Other recent questions have covered:
* whether to start with EBITDA or Cash Flow from Operations on a Statement of Cash Flows
* why (in the world) would a client might have three 1040s for the same year
* should you add back section 179 (depreciation)

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