Tax Return Analysis Training and Conference Presentations by Linda Keith CPA

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The nationally-recognized expert on Tax Return Analysis for Bank, Credit Union, Mortgage and Agriculture lenders, Linda Keith CPA CSP travels the country helping lenders say ‘Yes’ to good loans. She also brings her training directly to lenders far and wide in a virtual format, allowing you to improve your skills and knowledge without leaving your office.

The financial institutions and banking associations who hire Linda have dubbed her the Certified ‘Playful’ Accountant. She is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation bestowed by the National Speakers Association. See for yourself.

S-CORPS, K­‐1s and Pass­‐Throughs: Oh My!
Analyze Business Tax Returns to Say ‘Yes’ to Good Loans

In this excerpt, join Linda as she helps credit professionals analyze pass-through tax returns for their credit decision. We are reviewing how to pull qualifying income, ask good questions, make a good loan decision and document that decision when the individual borrower owns two pass-thru entities: an S Corporation and a Partnership.

This is from a blended conference presentation and included a range of experience levels from two years experience to very seasoned. Part One covered the educational component and was delivered virtually with online modules and the first year of a three year pass-through entity tax return analysis case study. At the conference, Linda presented two 1-1/2 hour sessions. This footage is from the second session which included group case studies and the wrap-up.

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