Bank Association Speaker on Self-employed Borrowers in Rough Waters: How to Say YES

Note to meeting planners: This description focuses on consumer and mortgage lenders in a concurrent session format. The audience focus can be shifted to business lenders or lending management. This session works well for both bank and credit union audiences.

Self-employed Borrowers in Rough Waters: How to Say YES

In the best of times, consumer and mortgage lenders may find it difficult to qualify self-employed borrowers. As the current tax returns come in it will be even tougher. Linda Keith CPA draws on over 20 years working with banks to help lenders say “Yes” to good loans.

In this entertaining and upbeat presentation, you’ll gain the information you need to:

  • Find the taxable income adjustments to calculate recurring cashflow
  • Dig deeper for legitimate adjustments when the first result is a ‘no’
  • Reduce dependence on software for cut-and-dried answers
  • Watch for red flags and recognize when they aren’t red after all

And you’ll answer the question:

Are you going to be lending to the wrong self-employed borrowers this year?

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