Six Keys to Yes

Why the Lender says NO! Six Keys to YES for a Bank Loan

Would you like your lender to say ‘yes’ to your next loan request? Would you like to know the one factor that will kill your loan before you even get started? Would you like to get into the head of your lender so that everything you say, every document you provide, and every discussion with your lender passes successfully through their three-question, six-filter process?

Now you can! Banking and business consultant, author and trainer, Linda Keith CPA presents the six keys to success in the Pass/Fail test that stands between you and your next loan.

  • Understand the only three questions the lender has to answer
  • Learn the ‘Six Cs’ filter all of your information must pass through
  • Be prepared whether the loan is to you, the business owner, or to your business
  • Memorize the one phrase you will NEVER say to your banker again
  • Apply this information to your next loan application to maximize your ‘YES’ potential

You’ll find out why, according to a recent survey by Pepperdine University, bankers declined 72 percent of cash flow-based loans, 90 percent of real estate-based loans, and 46.7 percent of collateral-based loans.

And you’ll find out what the businesses and business owners who gained approval did right. Linda Keith CPA trains business lenders throughout the country to say ‘Yes’ to good loans. She knows how the bankers think. Now you will, too.

Note to meeting planners: This presentation can be shifted to address business lenders instead of business borrowers.

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