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Lending to Complex Borrowers

What to do with 481a adjustment?

Charlene’s and Yousaf’s question: Both Charlene and Yousaf had a question about...
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How does Treasury Stock impact cashflow?

Dawn's question:

What information is disclosed on the 1120S, Schedule L, line...

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Tax Forms not required by IRS: What are we missing?

Eric's question:

Many of my borrowers give me as few tax forms as they think they can...
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Debt Shortcut: When and How

Teresa's question:

I have heard of a shortcut for debt that you can use when...

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LLCs and Negative Rental Cashflow

David's question:

The borrower has two rentals owned by separate LLCs and...
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Tax Returns vs. Tax Account Transcripts

Andrew's question:

We have a borrower who provided an IRS Transcript in lieu of a...

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