The Ten Essentials Planning Tool

The Ten Essentials of Success

Build and Lead a Successful Business, Team or Organization

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Our planning tool provides a description of each essential, an opportunity to assess yourself and your team, a place to create and assign action steps for needed improvement. It covers ten essentials…

  1. P.L.A.N. for capsizekeep your head up
  2. Develop rescue skillsyours and others
  3. Pick your paddlersattitude and aptitude
  4. Hold onto the boatyou’ll need it
  5. Test in deep watersbeware assumptions
  6. Pick your paceis it sustainable?
  7. Use the numbersbetter decisions
  8. Check the checklistskeep them updated
  9. Pound the boatask for help
  10. Prepare to exitwhere is the stop button?

The Ten Essentials of Hiking

Oh, and in case you are wracking your brain trying to remember the Ten Essentials of Hiking, here they are:

  1. Pocketknife or multipurpose tool.
  2. First-aid kit.
  3. Extra clothing.
  4. Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries.
  5. Rain gear.
  6. Water bottle.
  7. Map and compass.
  8. Matches and fire starter.
  9. Sun protection and sunglasses.
  10. Trail food.

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