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Calm Seas or Rough Waters: The Ten Essentials for Success at Work

Scouts know to take their ten essentials on every hike even if it is a sunny day. Weather can change, you can get lost or a fellow scout can be injured. It is no different in business. Just when things are looking up, disaster can strike.

In this upbeat and entertaining presentation business owner, bank trainer, scout mom and kayaker Linda Keith helps you:

  • Develop your customized ‘Ten Essentials’ list for survival and success
  • Select the ‘Essentials’ to work on that will most quickly improve needed skills and preparation
  • Create teams to brainstorm ideas and evaluate your progress

Rough waters? No problem. Adopt this ‘Ten Essentials’ strategy and apply these solid ideas to your job next week.

Note to meeting planners: This keynote for business, banking and credit union audiences will be customized to the audience and the theme of your conference. 

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