The TOP TEN Warning Signs for Business in the Recovery: Help Your Lender say YES

Note to meeting planners: This description focuses on business owners and managers in a concurrent session format. The format can be adjusted for a keynote presentation.

The TOP TEN Warning Signs for Business in a Recovery:
Help your Lenders say YES

Every question your business lender asks, every document they check and every ratio they calculate is designed to answer these three questions:

  1. Will you pay this loan back if you can?
  2. Does it look like you can?
  3. What if you can’t?

Lending is still tight and regulators are still inflexible. Linda Keith knows what is hidden in your tax returns and financial statements that will make the lender nervous. Do you?

In this upbeat and entertaining presentation, Linda helps you:

  • Recognize the impact owner compensation (high or low) has on the loan decision
  • Explain dramatic increases (or decreases) in costs that make the lender nervous
  • Prepare for the questions about business expenses that look like personal ‘perks’
  • Refuse to let the lender assume your business is injured when you have been forgoing profits to take advantage of recession opportunities

You know that dropping revenue is a red flag. But it is the subtle warning signs that might sink your chances for the next loan. Know what they are and you can help your lenders say yes.

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