Ten Essentials for Success as a Director

Calm Seas or Rough Waters:
The Ten Essentials for Success as a Director

Conditions have changed. And they’ll change again. Take a lesson from outdoor enthusiasts who bring their ten essentials on every outing, even on a sunny day: extra food, extra clothing, signaling device and seven other must-have items.

Banking consultant and trainer, scout mom and sea kayaker,
Linda Keith CPA brings you the Ten Essentials for SuccessTM identified by Directors
throughout the country. She weaves in her experience as a volunteer director
for a national professional association to help you:

  • Customize the Ten Essentials list for your survival and success
  • Assess you and your board on strengths and gaps
  • Select the Essentials to focus on to improve your skills and results

Rough waters? No problem. Adopt this Ten Essentials strategy and pursue a board-as-team approach to navigate successfully in any conditions.

Note to meeting planners: I am happy to add a Director session when presenting at your conference for banking executives and/or lenders. As a six-year national director of a professional association, I have an unusual perspective for a banking conference presenter.

We play the Ten Essentials for SuccessTM card game created by Linda Keith and each attendee takes their own game home.

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