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Do you prefer Linda live and in person?

Ask questions on the spot. Share ideas and insights with your colleagues. Improve consistency. Those are just three of the reasons some lenders prefer in person training. Here is how you can make it happen.

Attend an open-enrollment session

Several times a year, Linda conducts open-enrollment training, often as a result of a request for a local program.

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Bring Linda in-house

Choose this option if you want confidential training customized to your lender's needs and experience level, your type of lending and your underwriting software/worksheet.

Request a local/shared program

This is a great option if you do not have enough to warrant an in-house training, but would like me to come to you. With as few as five participants, a location suitable to handle up to fifteen people, and a willingness to assist in putting out the word, we may be able to schedule a training at your location or in your city.

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  • Tax Return Analysis: 1040 and Business Basics

    More than just the 1040, this is the foundation for cash flow analysis of any return. We cover how the information flows, how to tell if you have the complete return, a process to work top to bottom (even when you get interrupted) and the basic types of income, expenses, gains and losses you have to use to get from taxable income to recurring cash flow to pay debt.

    Then we drill into the 1040 for personal lending and guarantor analysis, as well as the introduction to business returns through the Schedule C or F.

    You'll learn to:

    • Convert taxable income into cash flow available
    • Spot red flags and troubled borrowers
    • Keep your train of thought
    • Ask good questions and develop stronger customer connections
    • Dig for dollars, when necessary, to say "yes" to a good loan.

    Available in online and in person training with a business and/or farm lending focus. Also available as a conference presentation modified for length of session.

  • Tax Return Analysis: Advanced Business Returns

    Unless you have significant experience or training, be sure to attend the 1040 workshop with or before this one. Most lenders who skip it wish they had not since it sets the stage for all types of returns.

    Picking up where the 1040 workshop leaves off, we cover Partnerships (General and Limited), Limited Liability Companies and Corporations (C and S). Before we jump into the tax forms we cover:

    • Each type of entity
    • Advantages and disadvantages to the borrower and the lender
    • Risk exposure of the owners
    • How the cash flows to the owner versus allocations of taxable income
    • Pulling it all together into global analysis

    You work with Linda, in small groups and on your own to:

    • Do a quick overview of any business return to get a feel for the business
    • Determine business cash flow available to pay debt
    • Spot troubled businesses and questionable expenses
    • Calculate cash flow available to the owner and what they really took
    • Discover what they did with the excess cash or how they covered a shortfall
    • Available in online and in person training with a business and/or farm lending focus. Also available as a conference presentation modified for length of session.

  • Financial Statement Analysis: The Business Scorecard

    This basic-to-intermediate training helps lending professionals use financial statements to learn the story behind the numbers.

    Can you answer these questions?

    • Can I trust these statements?
    • Does CPA-prepared, compiled, reviewed or audited make a difference?
    • Is the company profitable?
    • What are the trouble spots?
    • Do they have enough cash?
    • Do they already have too much debt?
    • What else should I ask?
    • Should I make the loan?

    Yes, Linda knows that you have spreads programs to calculate percentages and ratios. After this workshop, you'll really understand at a gut level what those numbers are telling you.

    You'll learn to:

    • Distinguish between cash- and accrual-basis and reconcile one to the other
    • Calculate, understand and explain the most common ratios and percentages
    • Create simple financial statements, including a Statement of Cash Flow from the Balance Sheet and Income Statement
    • Read the 'Notes to the Financial Statements' to learn what questions they answer and what questions they raise
    • Write-up your analysis in narrative that goes beyond stating the obvious (elevator analysis) and explains the meaning behind the changes in the numbers.

    Available in online and in person training as well as conference presentations in a shorter format.

Win-Win hosting 'Local' Training

Banks and Credit Unions often collaborate to bring the training in. In this case, the CEO of a Member Business Lending CUSO combined the training for ten of his credit professionals and opened it up to credit professionals from the CUSO clients. The clients were able to send their people at the group discount rate, the CUSO credit professionals got the training they needed and the CUSO made a stronger connection to its client base. Win-win-win!

What our clients say


An understanding of 'Why'

Phenomenally helpful seminar. I have an understanding of 'why' underwriting is done the way it is. Thank you!

Bryce Anderson Credit Analyst, Borel Private Bank & Trust

Loved 'Digging for Dollars'!

I enjoyed the fast-paced learning as well as the one-on-one time Linda spent with us, helping us out with individual calculations. Very helpful in analyzing trouble spots of companies and where to find cashflow. Loved 'digging for dollars'!

Stephanie Vinson Lending and Collections Trainer, CU of Denver

We use Linda's training to onboard new hires

Linda has been working with Northwest Farm Credit Services with Ag tax returns for 20 years now and has a customized class that addresses their underwriting tool as well. I gave her a try in 2010 and she was a hit.

By teaming up with other area Farm Credits in the Midwest we continued to utilize Linda every year or two for new hires. Now that she also provides training online, we have another option for our new hire onboarding.

Diane Miller Manager of Training & Development, Greenstone Farm Credit

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