Tax Return Analysis: Loan Training for Credit Unions

Loan Training for credit unions

Why business-owner members?

  • Once a member, always a member
  • Family members become members
  • Community-based credit unions

Why more now?

Combine the increase in self-employed members, the move by some credit unions towards business lending and the baby boomers
hitting the door. You need to get your seasoned lenders up to speed and your junior lenders on track.

Why Linda?

Linda’s workshops are geared toward the type of lending that you do and the experience of the lenders in the room. She even has a two-day version of tax return analysis specific to credit unions, giving the second-day participant an option to do the end-of-day case study on a 1040 with Schedule C or an S Corporation, whichever they need the most.

Her financial statement analysis program for credit union lenders is designed for beginners. It is ideal for credit union lenders venturing into basic business lending for the first time.

She customizes her training to your needs. She has worked with credit unions and credit union leagues over the years. And she has worked with banks. She understands the differences and the similarities.

Next steps:

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