Better Understand Pass-Through Entities

Linda Keith CPA Video Series on Pass-Through Entities

  • Do you find K-1s and pass-through entities confusing?
  • Are you concerned that you might be double-counting cashflow?
  • Do you know why it is a mistake to use 1040 Schedule E income/loss as cashflow?
  • Can you explain why guaranteed payments are not guaranteed?
  • Does an entry in the passive column instead of non-passive tell you anything? What?
  • Is the choice of actual vs available cashflow for owner/guarantor a hard one to make?

This weekly video series will clear up the confusion and help you make good loan decisions, even when pass-through entities are in the mix. In 20 quick videos you’ll learn the answers to frequently asked questions and the ones you should be asking. The first five are free. Just enter your email below, and click ‘send me the videos’ for immediate access.

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