What Did you Get Yourself Into? Responsibilities of Board Members in the 'New Normal'

What Did you Get Yourself Into? Responsibilities of Board Members in the ‘New Normal’

You said yes; now what?

How do recent economic challenges, the new regulatory environment and actions by government agencies affect your responsibilities? How do you create a positive relationship with management and fulfill your responsibilities as a board member? Is it time to up your game?

Linda Keith CPA CSP will cover the new realities of board responsibilities, touch on basic duties, and focus on liabilities. She’ll provide understanding, insight and resources related to Director requirements.

What is new, and what should you have been doing all along? You will learn why:

  • No job you had before adequately prepared you for this job.
  • It puts you and management at a disadvantage when you learn solely from management what you should know to oversee management.
  • You must take personal responsibility for your director education even if someone else seems to.

This upbeat, positive and practical session will help you meet your obligations with more confidence and provide resources to improve as needed.

Note to meeting planners: This applies to
everyone who sits on a board of directors. It can be customized for non-profit, business, bank
or credit union audiences and configured as a general or concurrent session.

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