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Loan Bias

You aren’t biased, are you?

5 Common Judgment Biases and How to Avoid Them In an insightful article in the February 2015...
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Financial Statement Analysis: Useless without effective write-up

Five Steps to an Effective Loan Write-up Analysis is useless if it does not include analysis!...
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3 ways shareholders fail to limit their liability

Guarantee a Loan

The reason small to mid-size business owners often incorporate is...

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Is cash-basis on a tax return a red flag?

With a small to medium size business, you are likely to find the company has chosen the...

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Business Loan Financial analysis

Credit Analysis: GAAP vs Tax Basis?

Your question:

What are the substantial differences between GAAP accounting...

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Spotting Fraud: Now You See It, Now You Don't

What works on auditors may work on lenders

A 2009 study performed by researchers...

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