Your Income Documentation and Analysis Checklist

What’s Next?

Like many good things, purchasing the checklist is the first step. There is more work to do. Call Jen at 360-455-1569 if we can help.

Here is your plan:

  • Decide who will customize the checklist
    • Do you need to make decisions about guidelines before customizing?
    • Who has time to do this?
  • To customize:
    • Open the file and review all
    • Modify documentation based on your guidelines
    • Flag items for which you do not have firm guidelines for further action
  • Once all decisions are made, consider if you want to add worksheets to provide additional information your lenders need.
  • ‘Save as’ password protected and put up to your network.
  • Inform all lending, credit analysis and underwriting personnel and require they review it
  • Require feedback when they have completed the review and document it.
    • For your own peace of mind
    • To document for regulators

Consulting and Training

We can help you with decisions on customization and with training your team on tax return and/or financial statement analysis, customized to your guidelines and software/worksheet approach. Training can be onsite or online.
More on training your lenders…

Worksheet that works!

If you decide the worksheet or software you are using for tax return analysis is not working for you, adopt our Excel-based Global Cashflow Worksheet…it works!
More on our Worksheets…

Resource manuals

The same manuals guides we use in training are available as a resource guide or self-study.
comprehensive self-study manuals

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Download the Global Tax Return Analysis
Quick Reference Guide