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Financial Statement Analysis: Useless without effective write-up

Five Steps to an Effective Loan Write-up Analysis is useless if it does not include analysis!...
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Debt Shortcut: When and How

Teresa's question:

I have heard of a shortcut for debt that you can use when...

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Business in a Sinking Ship? Time to Get to Work

Many business lenders have been 'recruited' to the work out team. If a business is not in deep...
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Must lenders get better at lending to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit?

Lisa Hochgraf at CUES Skybox is asking a question all lenders, bank or credit union, need to be...
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3 Tips to be a Good 'Follower' in the Loan Department

I had a conversation with Philip Van Hooser this week. Phil is a resource to corporations on...
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